What is Dry Cleaning?

We have all heard the term "Dry Cleaning" but What does it mean???

Today we want to break it down for you!!

Simply put:

Dry Cleaning is a way of cleaning clothes without using Water

Even though the Dry Cleaning process doesn't use water, it does use an eco-friendly solvent in the Dry Cleaning Machine to dissolve dirt and oils that accumulate on clothing without causing damage. If you have any heavy stains on your Dry Clean Only garments we will pretreat the stain before Dry Cleaning it at our spotting station using specific solvents to remove the stain!

Please note, unfortunately not all stains can be removed, and sometimes fabric does not have the durability to spot clean, if this is the case for something you bring in we will be sure to let you know of any risks of damage to the clothing before we treat it so you can give us the go ahead or not.

So when you see this symbol on your clothing, be sure to bring it in to the Cleaners so we can assist you in keeping your garments in top quality condition:

We Look forward to seeing you at one of our Calgary locations to take care of all your Dry Cleaning and Laundry needs!! Please feel free to call us with any questions at


Avalon Cleaners

1105B Centre Street NW

Hi Neighbour Cleaners

309 19th St NW

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