Spring Ahead

This Sunday we Spring Ahead and turn our clocks forward one hour for BRIGHTER mornings!

We at Avalon Cleaners are here for you to help you get that hour back by offering FREE Pick up and Delivery for your Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry and Wash and Fold needs!! Saving you time to do the important things in your life such as SPRING CLEANING!!!


-Put on some energizing music

-Light a candle or put on your favorite essential oil in a diffuser ( clean comforting smells help get you in a cleansing mood)

- Start at one end of your closet, going through each piece ask yourself when was the last time I wore this? If it has been more then 6 months take it out and put it in a pile go through your entire closet and drawers

-Start to sort through the haven't worn in a while pile...now you can decide if you think you will wear it again this season or if its had its time and time to donate to someone else who would benefit! Put your keeps back in the closet, and start a bag to give away.

To bring Spring Cleaning Convenience to your world, Avalon Cleaners and Hi Neighbour Cleaners locations will have drop boxes to collect used clothing to donate to the Calgary Drop Inn Centre :)

This starts to kick off spring on March.20 and we will collect until April.30.

We look forward to taking care of your Dry Cleaning, Shirt Laundry and Wash and Fold Needs!!


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