Just because your team is in bad shape doesn't mean your jersey has to be

I'm sure if you're a hockey fan, you've been spending a lot of time over the past few months in your team's colors. Perhaps getting sweaty over close calls, spilling drinks from excitement, and crumbs from stress eating. But, as we all unfortunately know, hockey season has come to a close. The Calgary Flames missed out on their shot for the cup and your kids have likely finished up their seasons as well.

Instead of shoving that jersey back into your closet to await another season, allow Avalon Cleaners to restore your jersey to a winning state...Clean!

Since your jersey isn't something that is frequently washed, many don't even have a tag with wash instructions – which is exactly why you should trust a professional with the job. Don't worry, we understand how important this garment is to you or your kids so we promise to take extra care.

Bring your jerseys in today or use our FREE pickup and delivery service by filling out the form under the Free Pick Up/Delivery tab on our website.

What a better way to head into the next season than with a jersey feeling brand new again!

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