6 Fun Facts About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but it's Thursday and we're all wishing it was Friday so why not spice up your day with some fun facts about dry cleaning that'll prove your assumptions wrong?! Don't feel bad, its good to be wrong once in a while.

Not all stains are removable

Despite common belief, not all stains can be removed. Many factors must be taken into account including the nature of the stain, the type of fabric, and the colourfastness of the dye. But, no matter how difficult the stain may be, our professionals are specially trained to identify stains, fabrics and the best approach to removing stains. If anyone can get them out safely, it's us.

Clothing lasts longer

Want that new spring jacket to last forever? Take it to the cleaners. Dry cleaning is less abrasive than washing machines, it preserves the fabric's quality, and it tackles tough stains. So be sure to listen to those clothing labels that say "Dry Cleaning Only."

Uses eco-friendly solvent

There have been reports of certain dry cleaning chemicals posing a threat to the environment, however, many dry cleaners are changing their procedures to ensure this is no longer a problem. Avalon Cleaners is proud to use a safe, eco-friendly cleaning solution which does not produce any hazardous health, safety or environmental affects or issues.

The craft dates back nearly 200 years

Modern day dry cleaning has been thought to have been discovered in France during the 1800's when turpentine spirits, a lamp fuel, was spilled on a soiled cloth. After the cloth had dried, the soil was gone.

Bonus fact: "dry" cleaning isn't actually dry at all, it just means that water isn't used to clean

It's specifically designed to avoid shrinkage

Many things about dry cleaning differentiates it from domestic washing machines. One of those being shrinkage. The machines used for dry cleaning are specifically designed to avoid shrinkage and you're actually much more likely to shrink your clothing at home than at the cleaners.

Our clothing is much dirtier than it looks

Sure, we may see the coffee stain and some dirt here and there, but only 30 per cent of what needs to be cleaned off of our clothing is actually visible. So every time you wear those jeans a second (third) day in a row, you're pretty much bathing in your own dirt...sorry!

Well there you have it! We hope that helped brighten up your Thursday just a little (and made you wanna wash your clothes more often).

Don't forget, every month we run a draw in store to win $25 FREE Dry Cleaning. Come into any location to enter!

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