Easy Laundry Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New

No one likes it when the colours of their clothes start to fade, fabrics wear, or hems start to come undone. What if we told you there's a few easy steps you can take to keep your clothes looking and feeling like new?

General care tips:

  • Don't hang your suits or dress shirts over a chair, it will create new wrinkles and creases

  • Spray perfume and cologne before getting dressed. The alcohol can fade or stain clothes

  • Keep your clothes away from sunlight and turn off your closet light. The exposure to sun and light will speed up the colour fading process

  • Resist wearing the same garments day after day, give them a break between wears to breath and regain their shape

  • Don't play in your work clothes, change into "at-home" clothes to prevent further stain and wear

  • Wash your clothes only when they look or smell dirty

  • Avoid wire hangers and don't cut off those annoying hanger straps - they help relieve the stress on your fabrics!

For when you can't make it to the dry cleaners (check out our pick-up & delivery service) or you're washing items that we cannot take, follow these laundry tips:

  • Wash clothes inside out: Protect the most important part of the garment

  • Air dry: Heat damages fabrics over time

  • Treat stains the right way and right away (let us help!)

  • Listen to labels: Don't try to clean "dry clean only" by yourself. Those labels are there for a good reason

  • Wash in cold: Hot water wears out fabric quicker and there's no harm in washing "hot water" labelled clothes in cold. Save it for the most soiled loads.

Laundry can be tricky sometimes, ask us any questions you may have!

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