7 Hacks for Organizing and Saving Space in Your Closet

An organized closet can make a world of difference. It can speed up your morning routine, leave you more room for new clothes, and help you maintain a minimalistic lifestyle - which everyone knows is great. If you're looking to kick your closet organization into gear, try one of these awesome hacks!

1. Organize by colours or patterns

If colour coordination brings you peace of mind, this might be the best tool for you. Organizing your closet by colour, pattern, or even category can make it seem less cluttered and much easier to find the piece you're looking for during your morning rush out the door!

2. Wicker baskets for shoes

Shoes. You either love buying them or hate it. For those that can't bare to say goodbye to any pair, keep them organized using wicker baskets! You can then tuck away the baskets at the bottom of your closet and pretend you don't have a shoe problem. Perfect, right?

3. Transform your hanger

One trick that has been life changing is turning a wire hanger into a tank top holder. Simply bend each side upwards and hand your tank tops of either side. It saves space and keeps all your tanks in one place!

4. Get rid of unworn clothes

Everyone has received a clothing item for Christmas or their birthday that looked like something their grandma would wear. Some of those people have no heart and threw it out instantly and others have held it hostage for years for fear of hurt feelings. If your good conscience is the culprit for your messy closet, we encourage you to break free - for the sake of your sanity and your closet. Thankfully, we collect clothing donations all year long and can rid you of the burden ;)

5. Get an over the roof hanger for scarfs

You can find these handy-dandy multi-use hangers at most department stores. They're perfect for organizing scarfs, purses, coats, and more!

6. Hang your rod higher

This is a great tool to create more space in your closet if you have the opportunity! Hanging your clothes higher could create enough space to fit a dresser below or another rod to hang more clothes from.

7. Upper shelf dividers

If hanging your rod higher isn't an option because you have a top shelf, utilizing dividers can help with clutter. Keep your less-used clothing, shoes, or seasonal storage bins up top and out of the way!

We hope these organization hacks help make your days just a little bit easier!

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