Removing Spooky Makeup Stains

Alas, Halloween has come and gone for another year; a time full of excitement, fear, and most importantly, candy!

Although it's great fun dressing up like your favourite cartoon character or monster, sometimes the aftermath can be spookier than the actual day. Sparkles found in your home for days, hair dye that takes four, maybe five washes to get out, and most gruesome, makeup stains on your clothing.

Stains from Halloween costumes, lipstick, mascara, and foundation often consist of a fat, oil, wax, or grease - the worst for stains. These combinations can make it very difficult for the average in-home washing cycle to get out. Obviously, we don't want to take away from any Halloween fun, so let us do the heavy lifting and remove those stains quick and easy!

Our machines and cleaning process are designed exactly for this moment. We have stain removal agents that aren't found in the average household and are equipped to tackle even the worst stains.

It's a challenging process, but not one we aren't willing to do to ensure the Halloween fun continues. Come in today and see!

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