How to stick to your resolutions!

January 1st rolls around and we are all excited about making shifts and changes to better our lives, but then life starts to kick in again and our determined mindset gets easily distracted by all the things going on around us!

So How can we work on sticking to our resolutions!??

Here are a few tips to help you stay committed to your new goals!!

-Set Small goals!! It isn't realistic to change your entire world right away.. It is easy to get frustrated when you set your goals to high and don't achieve them right away, make sure to set attainable goals that are realistic to your lifestyle! Make sure to celebrate your little wins to feel a sense of accomplishment on your journey!

-Right down your goals!!! When we have something in writing it is easier to commit too!

-Forgive yourself if you slip off the band wagon and know that it is ok to start again!

-Have an accountability partner!

-Have a WHY?! behind your goal!- When you have a reason behind what you are working on it is easier to stay connected to that goal!

-Focus on the habits your creating instead of focusing on the outcome

-Keep life as simple as you can

Whether your goals are related to fitness, health, nutrition, work, developing new relationships, personal development or whatever else might come up for you, Use these tips to help you stay on track!!!

Have a great day! Now go after your goals!

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