3 Things you should do before dropping off your clothing for Dry Cleaning

For some garments, Dry cleaning is your only option to care for the item. Here are some tips on things you can do before sending it for professional cleaning!

1-Make note of any specific stains- This is helpful for when you drop the item off you can mention it to our Customer Service team so they can clearly mark it with a stain sticker. Even though our staff inspects all garments in the cleaning process when we are aware of what the stain is it makes the cleaning process easier providing you with the best results!

2- Check your pockets!! - Make sure to check your pockets!!! When we tag the items in we always check pockets but things can fall out before we get to that stage, for instance in your car or walk in and we would hate for you to loose anything important!! If we do find anything left in pockets we always place it in a belongings bag and attach it to your invoice!

3- Check for any damages!! - If you know of any damages (tears, rips, thinning fabric, missing buttons ext..) let us know upon dropping it off! When there is pre existing damages they can become worse in any cleaning process and if we are aware of the damage we can potentially provide you with a repair solution or button replacement! When we inspect clothing prior to cleaning and find damages we call our customers for permission to clean before taking action.

These few tips will help create a seamless experience with your Dry Cleaning Process! We look forward to seeing you soon!

potentially assist with a repair or button replacement.

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